22 Hochzeitsfotografen arbeiten mit spiegellosen Kameras - ich bin eine von ihnen.

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Veröffentlichung im Blogpost "MirrorLessons - The best mirrorless camera reviews"

"I had started out shooting weddings with a traditional DSLR camera but after the Olympus OM-D E-M1 came out, I gladly switched to the new M43 system and never looked back. As a wedding photographer, working straight 10-16 hour days, the weight of the camera is an important issue. Compared to the traditional big name cameras the weight of the Olympus hardly registers and has given me a new range of possibilities. Wearing a Multi-Camera Harness from HoldFast, I now have two OMDs on me all the time, which means the constant availability of two different prime lenses. It takes just a second to switch from a wide-angled shot to a close-up: one situation – but I get to pick from two different views later when culling my pictures.
The speed of the autofocus and the general quality of the pictures are also excellent and more than sufficient.
I have noticed that with the OMD my couples are feeling more relaxed even when I get close. Due to its size the camera is easier to ignore; during the reception people hardly notice it, helping me to document the wedding with candid and unposed pictures."


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